Forward, Onward, Upward
Photo credits:
Luuk Smits
in permanent collection

“The work “Forward, Onward, Upward” was made by Guido de Boer for the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam. The work is located on the top floor of the museum. It connects the permanent (old) collection, via a small stairway, with the room where changing contemporary objects and cultures are displayed. The work of Guido is installed onsite on several walls in and around the stairway and continues around the corners, stairs and ceiling.

Guido was asked by the museum to create a work of art that would connect the two rooms. In addition, the important objective was to place the story of the old collection in a contemporary perspective.”

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“What makes the difference between then and now, other than the elapsed time? As reflective beings we keep making steps. Every generation, period or day is a step to the next. This is not without a struggle. Sometimes it seems as if you take two steps back with every step forward. Nothing is linear, everything is a quest and you have to put in the effort, you have to want to change. Eventually you look back and you see the perspective. If you want to read the text, you will have to take action by going on a journey of discovery and solving the puzzle.”

- Rotterdam, June 2020, ink on wall, Guido de Boer (1988)

In particular, I would like to thank Marleen van Wijngaarden (MURALS INC.) & Wendy Rameckers for their trust and the pleasant cooperation.

- Guido de Boer

For more information and insights about this project you can visit this page on the Murals Inc. website. And here you can find a short video of the process and result of the wallpainting, made by Marieke van der Lippe (video) and Michel Banabila (sound).

On the website of Luuk Smits (photographer) you can find more pictures of the artwork.

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