Moment of Reflection
Kunstmuseum, GEM, Fotomuseum, Restaurant Gember, Studio Friso
Photo credits:
Jan Zweerts
in permanent collection
The Hague

“The text 'Right Here, Right Now' refers to an artwork of the artist Jeppe Hein. That says to yourself in a mirror: “You Are, Right Here, Right Now”. The work of Guido de Boer tries to drag the viewer into the present, out of the past and out of thoughts about the future. Questions like: “Where am I?” and “Why am I here?” comes to mind naturally.

The text in the artwork is in the first place to be experienced. In the second place you can try to read the sentence. You are supposed to walk through the work. The strokes become tangible, you are surrounded by them and you can even touch them. You can feel the craftsmanship, the effort of the writing and even the breathing of the maker through the texture of the paint from the brush.”

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“Walking through this corridor creates awareness and emphasizes the moment for yourself, a little bit of nothing for a while. No visual input from the museum, just you and your thoughts. The letters are reflected on the ground, just like you reflect on what you have seen and experienced.

After going back and forth through the work and reading the text, you can decide for yourself whether 'Right Here, Right Now' is a call for action or a call to rest, or maybe that could be one and the same thing.”

- Moment of Reflection, April 2020, Guido de Boer.

In particular, I would like to thank Friso Dijkstra (Studio Friso) & Benno Tempel (director of the Kunstmuseum oa.) for the trust and the pleasant collaboration. Also worth a special mention: Horboom Floors, for their support in the material process.

- Guido de Boer

The work is situated in the building next to the Kunstmuseum. The building where the KM21 (formerly GEM), the Fotomuseum and Restaurant Gember are located. The artwork can be found in the hallway to the toilets.

The art museum had a video made during the making process. You can watch the video here.

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